Built Directly into Screw Cap Closure, Effortless Insertion Technology Controls Levels of Moisture and Volatile Off-Gasses, Helping to Ensure Product Stability and Extend Shelf Life

Auburn, ALCSP Technologies, Inc. – a leader in packaging solutions that ensure product protection, enhance brand recognition and improve consumer experiences – will debut expanded options for its recently introduced Activ-Seal™ closures at INTERPHEX NYC Booth #2560, March 21-23.

The original Activ-Seal™ closure incorporates moisture and gas scavenging technology which is press-fit into an induction-sealed, tamper-evident screw cap. The closure’s orifice-reducing element rests inside the bottleneck and is permanently affixed to the top rim of the bottle via patent-pending effortless insertion technology during the induction sealing process. CSP Technologies will offer its Activ-Seal™ closure solution in two additional formats: non-desiccated and non-scavenging with an enlarged orifice more suitable for larger-format oral solid dose products; and a slim profile format that includes an orifice-reducing layer for metered dosing without the underside desiccant.

The original Activ-Seal™ closure uses commercially available, tamper-evident induction seals which, once removed, enable metered dosing through a reduced orifice. The scavenging component, offering combinations of moisture, volatile organic compounds (VOC), and odor management, is permanently affixed to the rim of the bottle during the induction sealing process, ensuring the product protection never leaves the bottle, even after opening.

Offering optimized capacity and uptake rates, Activ-Seal™ closures offer significant improvement over more traditional methods of ensuring product stability, such as inserting canisters or sachets, which require additional insertion equipment and carry the risk of breakage, dusting/particulates, or accidental ingestion. Complexity and costs also are reduced, since only one molded piece is needed for most scavenging needs.

Key benefits of CSP Technologies, Inc.’s original Activ-Seal™ closure include:

  • Versatile scavenging solution to absorb moisture, VOC’s or odors as required
  • Improve product stability
  • Incorporated directly into induction-seal closures and can be applied using existing capping equipment
  • No additional insertion equipment is required
  • Compatible with Child Resistant and non-Child Resistant Closures
  • Can’t be removed prematurely by the consumer
  • Eliminates risk of accidental ingestion
  • Eliminates risks of damage to solid dosage forms caused by physical contact with traditional scavengers
  • Reduces cost and complexity, only one molded piece is needed to satisfy all scavenging needs

For over 30 years, CSP Technologies, Inc. has been a leader in delivering desiccant and other gas scavenging solutions to enhance product stability, extend shelf life and enable new packaging options for pharmaceutical manufacturers. The company’s Activ-Film™ materials, Activ-Blister™ solutions, and Activ-Polymer™ technologies are used by leading manufacturers to protect products against moisture, oxygen, VOC’s, and odors to ensure product stability and extend product shelf life.