Dermal and transdermal drug delivery systems are a growing drug administration route, offering an easy-to-use, patient-friendly, and highly reliable solution that enables higher bioavailability for small molecules and biologics. Providing convenient and pain-free self-administration for patients, this drug delivery method can eliminate the need for frequent dosing and provide a consistent amount of API to the patient for long-term treatment. Both active and passive dermal delivery systems deliver drugs over a period of days or weeks. Microarray patch technology, as an example, offers an innovative method for delivering vaccines or actives with poor absorption.

Dermal drug delivery systems face unique challenges when it comes to integrating solutions to address moisture or oxygen sensitivity, odors, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can impact shelf life and API stability. Aptar CSP Technologies’ material science solutions can be custom-engineered to address these challenges in both passive and active dermal drug delivery devices, expanding patient access to a growing range of dermal medications.

Activ-Film™ technology

Activ-Film™ technology provides customized moisture protection and/or VOC or oxygen scavenging that can be integrated into dermal drug delivery manufacturers’ current packaging and automation processes. The technology can be engineered to solve a specific problem or address multiple stability challenges simultaneously. Leveraging CSP’s patented heat-staking process, the Activ-Film™ material can be applied to the foil pouch without adhesives to minimize solvent retention that can create odors and color changes in finished products that often lead to customer complaints.

3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ Components

3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ Components can be seamlessly integrated into a MAP (microarray patch) or ADAM (adhesive dermally applied microarray) device by replacing a current plastic part in the device, providing the part’s physical functioning while incorporating the material science performance. The active component is capable of addressing a specific problem or address multiple stability challenges simultaneously. Aptar CSP not only custom engineers the chemistry of the 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ technology, but provides complete development services, working with customers to determine the best way to incorporate the active component into the device design.

Why Aptar CSP Technologies?

  • Engineered solutions to manage moisture (elevated, buffered, or minimized relative humidity), scavenge oxygen, odors, or VOCs
  • Reduced cost – Can be attained by combining multiple solution technologies into a single product
  • Extended shelf life – Gained through controlling the headspace environment
  • Manufacturing efficiency – Activ-Film™ materials can be customized to meet specific packaging and automation requirements
  • Improved performance – The reliability and repeatability of Aptar CSP’s solutions reduces the product variability created through interaction with unwanted volatiles in the headspace
  • Ease of implementation – Aptar CSP’s solutions replace difficult process or design changes to the product itself
  • Complete design, manufacturing, and device assembly support services

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