Solutions for moisture/oxygen scavenging and enhanced shelf appeal highlight broad active packaging portfolio

Auburn, AL – CSP Technologies, Inc. – a leader in packaging solutions that ensure product protection, enhance brand recognition and improve consumer experiences – alongside its subsidiary, food safety leader MaxwellChase, will participate in Active & Intelligent Packaging Summit Americas, June 4-5 in Jersey City, NJ.

Maxwell Chase, a CSP Technologies company combines extensive knowledge in polymer science and processing with an ongoing commitment to research and development – all toward improving quality and innovation in food safety and shelf life extension. Experts from CSP Technologies and Maxwell Chase will be discussing how the companies’ combined material science expertise leads to enhanced food safety, extended shelf life and more attractive, brand-bolstering customer experiences.

From groundbreaking research, conceptual development and analytic testing to engineering design, global manufacturing and quality control, CSP Technologies produces a wide variety of advanced protective and engineering solutions that extend the shelf life and ensure product stability of sensitive products in healthcare, electronics and food safety. The companies three-phase Activ-PolymerTM technology enables a new class of plastic compounds that can be engineered to meet a range of product stability needs.

Advancements showcased at the Summit include premium packaging systems for fresh-cut fruits, vegetables, and seafood.

“The AIPIA Summit offers a forum to feature the types of absorbent technology and scavenging solutions that counteract spoilage while enhancing a food product’s overall appearance,” said Michael Johnston, R&D Scientist, Maxwell Chase. “Our packaging solutions extend freshness, and enhance food safety – two important differentiators in this competitive sector.”

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