New Technology Can be Integrated into Nearly Any Container to Control Levels of Moisture & Oxygen Absorption, and Counteract Release of Odors & Scents

Auburn, AL, September 29, 2016 – CSP Technologies, Inc. – a leader in packaging solutions that ensure product protection, enhance brand recognition and improve consumer experiences – has introduced a new active scavenging solution that can be integrated directly into primary containers to protect oral solid dose (OSD) products from moisture and oxygen absorption. Suitable for nearly any typical OSD container, Pharmapuck™ scavenging devices can be integrated into bottle tops or dropped into containers to counteract the introduction of volatile organic compounds in packaging headspace – an occurrence that can lead to displeasing odors or even reduced efficacy or shelf-life.

The Pharmapuck™ scavenging device has the potential to set a new industry standard by providing pharmaceutical manufacturers a foolproof solution to protect their products and prevent misuse by consumers. Its molded-in desiccant eliminates the risk of breakage or spillage associated with sachets and canisters. Pharmapuck™ scavenging devices also provide added design flexibility and branding options such as custom coloring, and laser or ink printing to enhance customer awareness and safety. Finally, Pharmapuck™ scavenging devices are available in ultra-low particulate formats for high-sensitivity drug applications.

Key benefits of CSP Technologies, Inc.’s new Pharmapuck™ integrated scavenging solution include:

  • Durability: Enhanced cleaning and sterilization capabilities, to perform in the most demanding environments required of pharmaceutical packaging
  • Product stability: Molded-in desiccant eliminates risk of desiccant breakage or spillage associated with sachets and canisters
  • Consistent customer experience: Controls odors and release of aromas
  • Design flexibility: Ability to be integrated into virtually any container
  • Visual branding options: Custom coloring, laser or ink printing for enhanced consumer awareness and safety

For over 30 years, CSP Technologies, Inc. has been a leader in delivering desiccant and other gas scavenging solutions to enhance product stability, extend shelf life and enable new packaging options for pharmaceutical manufacturers. The company’s Activ-Film™ materials, Activ-Blister™ solutions, and Activ-Polymer™ technologies are used by leading manufacturers to protect products against moisture, oxygen, VOC’s, and odors in highly sensitive environments, allowing for significant shelf life extension.

About CSP Technologies

CSP Technologies is a leader in delivering innovative, high-quality product and packaging solutions that give customers a competitive edge and consumers a better product experience.

Focused on pioneering new technologies and designs that ensure product protection and enhance brand recognition, CSP Technologies is a responsive, flexible partner committed to offering customers a single, reliable source for custom product design, development, and manufacturing. Its portfolio of products falls into four categories: vials, films and blisters, active molding and special capabilities.

In addition to the pharmaceuticals sector, CSP has developed solutions and services to address packaging concerns in a variety of other industries, including transdermal drug delivery, alternative tobacco products, dry powder inhalers, and sensitive electronics components.

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