Built Directly into Screw Cap Closure, Advanced Technology Controls Levels of Moisture and Volatile Off-Gasses, Helping to Ensure Product Stability and Extend Shelf Life

Auburn, ALCSP Technologies, Inc. – a leader in packaging solutions that ensure product protection, enhance brand recognition and improve consumer experiences – has developed Activ-Seal™ closures, with gas scavenging technology built directly into an induction-sealed, tamper-evident screw cap.

The closure’s orifice-reducing element is affixed onto the top of the bottle during the induction sealing process. It is covered by a lift and peel foil seal which, once removed, enables metered dosing. The scavenging component, offering combinations of moisture, volatile organic compounds (VOC), and odor management, is permanently positioned on the underside of the orifice reducer, ensuring the product protection never leaves the bottle, even after opening.

Offering optimized capacity and uptake rates, Activ-Seal™ closures offer significant improvement over more traditional methods of ensuring product stability, such as inserting canisters or sachets, which require additional insertion equipment and carry the risk of accidental ingestion. Complexity and costs also are reduced, since only one molded piece is needed for all scavenging needs.

Key benefits of CSP Technologies, Inc.’s new Activ-Seal™ closure include:

  • Metered dosing provides consumer convenience; orifice reducer opening can be tailored to various product sizes
  • No canister or sachet moving freely in the product bottle
  • Moisture and other gas scavenger materials cannot be removed
  • Hazard markings “Do Not Eat” are not required; adsorption material is secured to the underside of the orifice reducer and is invisible to the consumer
  • Technology fits within standard caps
  • No additional packaging insertion equipment needed
  • Integrated orifice reducer is becomes part of the product container
  • Can be applied with standard capping and induction sealing systems
  • Can release aroma for enhanced consumer experience

For over 30 years, CSP Technologies, Inc. has been a leader in delivering desiccant and other gas scavenging solutions to enhance product stability, extend shelf life and enable new packaging options for pharmaceutical manufacturers. The company’s Activ-Film™ materials, Activ-Blister™ solutions, and Activ-Polymer™ technologies are used by leading manufacturers to protect products against moisture, oxygen, VOC’s, and odors to ensure product stability and extend product shelf life.

About CSP Technologies

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CSP Technologies, Inc. has developed solutions and services to address packaging concerns in a variety of industries, including Pharma/OTC, Diagnostics, Industrial, and Food and Nutrition.

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